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Sep 04 2014
Navy Seeking Comments on Gulf Operations PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 September 2014

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Kodiak Meeting Monday

Shady Grove Oliver/KBBI

Read the Gulf of Alaska Environmental Impact Statement here

    The U-S Navy is seeking feedback on proposed training operations in the Gulf of Alaska. It’s a continuation of projects that have been going on for several years.
    The Navy is currently conducting trainings in the Gulf of Alaska under the project name Northern Edge. It’s working on setting up the next phase of that project, to begin in 2016.
    Alex Stone is the project manager for the Gulf of Alaska Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS. He has a background in environmental science.
    “One of the reasons why we do these EISs is a little confusing. Associated with the EIS we get a permit from the National Marine Fisheries Service and that permit is good for five years. So, the EIS that we do supports them issuing the permit.”
    The Navy is currently training under a permit for 2011 to 2016.
    “But, because the EIS process takes so long, we’re already working on the EIS to support the next permit which will start after the current one expires.”
    Liane Nakahara is a public affairs specialist for the Navy. She says at this point, the process is about half way done.
     “We just completed the draft EIS and that’s kind of in the  middle of the entire process. So, we took all the comments that came in during the scoping phase, which was a couple years ago, and used those comments to develop the draft analysis, which is out for public review right now.”
    Stone says this looks at the impact of training activities that are part of an annual project that includes several branches of the military.
     “The Navy brings up an aircraft carrier strike group to participate in a joint exercise with the Army and Air Force and what this EIS looks at, of course, is the Navy part of it, which takes place in the Gulf of Alaska.”
    Stone says the Gulf of Alaska is prime training area for the Navy for three reasons.

Sep 03 2014
Walker and Mallott Discuss Reasons for Merger PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 September 2014

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Joaqlin Estus/KNBA
    Two gubernatorial candidates merged their campaigns Tuesday to give them a better shot at unseating Republican incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell. Former Republican Bill Walker and Democrat Byron Mallott explained their reasoning yesterday afternoon in Anchorage. KNBA’s Joaqlin Estus reports.

Sep 03 2014
The Milk Run Coming Up Saturday on Near Island PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 September 2014

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    A fun-run with a twist is returning to Kodiak this year: the second annual Milk Run, where after the race, participants will be served milk and cookies. The run is helping to support Kodiak Kindness, a local non-profit program that provides mothers with individualized information and support for breastfeeding and infant feeding by phone call and home visits.
    The Milk Run was founded last fall by Brooke McLaughlin, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor at A Balanced Approach. She explained she got the idea from a similar event in Anchorage, and decided to do the same in Kodiak, because of her personal experience with Kodiak Kindness.
    “We began this event after I was inspired by Owen’s Milk Run, which is an Anchorage based race, supporting breastfeeding moms out of Anchorage.  And being in the position of having my own child, and utilizing the Kodiak Kindness program, I just wanted to find a way to give back.”
    McLaughlin said last year’s race was a success, with about 60 families and the Kodiak High School Cross Country Team showing up to support Kindness.
     The Milk Run is Saturday, at the North End Trail on Near Island. Participants can go any distance they choose up to a 5k, and there is also a shorter race specifically for younger children. The race is $10 per person, $20 for a family or by donation. Registration begins at 10:30 and the race starts at 11.

Sep 03 2014
Candidate Walker Discusses his Campaign PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 September 2014

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bill-walker-photo.jpgBrianna Gibbs/KMXT

    Last week all three major candidates for Alaska governor were in Kodiak for the fisheries debate, and they each dropped by KMXT for a chat.
    The gubernatorial landscape changed over the long Labor Day weekend, with Democrat Byron Mallott joining independent Bill Walker on an “Alaska First Unity Party” ticket. And though there are now two candidates for Alaska governor, we will still bring you chats with all three.
    Today, we’ll hear from Bill Walker, who spoke with KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs.
    Tomorrow we’ll hear from Byron Mallott, who also stopped by KMXT last week. At the time, he was the Democratic nominee for governor, but he is now a candidate for lieutenant governor on the same ticket with Walker. Friday, we’ll hear a conversation with incumbent Republican Sean Parnell about how his campaign is going.

Sep 02 2014
Walker and Mallott Join Forces Against Parnell PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 September 2014

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Matthew Smith/KNOM, Steve Heimel/APRN
    Alaska’s three-way race for governor is now a two-ticket contest after Democratic candidate Byron Mallott and Independent Bill Walker declared they’ll run together.
    Today [Tuesday] is the last day for changes to the November ballot, and that deadline kept the Mallott and Walker campaigns negotiating until late last night — before announcing the two men will run together—Walker as the gubernatorial candidate and Mallott as the lieutenant gubernatorial candidate on  the “Alaska First Unity Party” ticket. Walker says the decision of who should ultimately be the man to run for governor under the “unity” ticket was simply driven by data.
    “We’ve seen a number of polls over the last few months, and so we’ve seen how things are coming out, and in a head-to-head poll, we just took right after the primary, had me about 4 or 5 points ahead of Governor Parnell,” he said. “So, the numbers really drove that decision.”
    It was a decision endorsed by the Democratic Party’s central committee on a vote of 89 to 2 Monday night for the switch to an independent ticket. Democratic Party spokesman Zack Fields says Democrats believe the state is in trouble under Sean Parnell’s leadership and Walker and Mallott share similar beliefs about how to address the state’s problems.

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