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Oct 23 2014
Teen Court Welcomes New Members
Thursday, 23 October 2014

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          Kodiak’s Teen Court is recruiting new members these days. Classes are starting up early next month and those interested could become attorneys by mid January.
           The organization, which is youth-run with the help of adult advisers, provides legal services to teens, with more constructive punishments than they might face in an actual court system. Kodiak High School Senior Olivia Rivera is the board president for teen court and said they typically try to find punishments that fit the individual, rather than the crime.
            “Instead of the punitive justice system, which is what regular courts use, we use restorative justice – which instead of punishment fits the crime we select certain community work service projects or assignments that will fit the person, like the defendant themselves.”   

Oct 23 2014
Alaska Aerospace Seeks Bigger Launches
Thursday, 23 October 2014

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          Despite the fact that it is still in the midst of assessing damage from a failed missile test in August, Alaska Aerospace Corporation is soliciting companies for future launches, and is offering them more than $20 million.    The corporation, which operates the Kodiak Launch Complex, issued a request for proposals, or RFPs earlier this month for companies interested in medium-lift, commercial launches from the site. The money used to entice bidders comes from a $25 million appropriation by the Alaska Legislature.
           Matt Steele is the Vice President of Alaska Aerospace and said the money was set aside specifically for bringing medium-lift launch classes to Kodiak, but there hadn’t really been a lot of action from potential launch bidders.     
           “So what we did is kind of change the paradigm a little bit and put together a request for proposal where these companies could compete for the money in order to provide medium lift-capability to KLC. And kind of by changing that, as we expected, we’ve got a couple of launch companies now interested in using that money to further advance the medium lift capability here in Kodiak.”   
            Up until now, the current launch facility has only flown what Steele considers to be small launches, and the company wants to beef that up.
           “So we’re looking for things, roughly greater than  2,000 pounds to orbit, potentially up to maybe 5 to 7,000 pounds depending on the capability of the rocket in gross terms. But there’s some fidelity that goes behind that in qualifications as well, but bigger than what’s been flown out of Kodiak in the past is definitely what we’re looking for.”
            Steele said they are asking for folks to respond to the RFP before Thanksgiving, and the company will select the top two for further information and then hopefully select the winner by mid December and award that company the $21 million fixed-price contract. He said there are a few companies expressing interest, and they will have to commit to at least three launches between 2016 and 2020 if they are selected.

Oct 22 2014
Servant Air Taps Into Anchorage Market
Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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          Those hoping to travel on and off the island might find it a little easier to do so these days. This week Servant Air announced it will be offering regular flights to and from Anchorage – making it one of just a handful of airlines to do so.
           Wes Osowski is part owner of Servant Air, which typically specializes in charter flights around the archipelago. He said the addition of a King Air 200 to its fleet will allow for longer distance travel and daily flights to Anchorage.
           The plane is small but has a pressurized cabin and can fly at 20 to 25,000 feet. Flight time to or from the mainland is about an hour and five minutes and Osowski said it can hold up to eight passengers with two pilots.
            “We’re actually only required to have one but we’re going to have a second guy standing there just to watch and make sure everything goes well and kind of help us make sure that we’re doing everything right. So we’re using it as partly a training platform and also just to have a second set of eyes on everything.”   
            For now, the service will be offered once a day, four days a week. Later in November, Osowski said the goal is to begin offering service twice a day, six days a week.

Oct 22 2014
FAA Extends Comment Period on Launch Complex
Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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           The Kodiak Launch Complex has extended a public comment period on a draft environmental assessment for facility expansions.
           A press release from the Federal Aviation Administration said the extension is a result of public comments already received and an public meeting that was held earlier this month in Kodiak. Folks will now be allowed to submit comments on the draft assessment to the FAA until November 1.
           The environmental assessment comes as the launch complex looks to expand its facility to include a new launch pad and provide for medium-lift launch capability. This would include construction of the pad, a vehicle processing facility, rocket staging facility, liquid fueling facility and mission control center, as well as modifying an existing road.
            The full environmental assessment is available online . There are also hard copies available at the Kodiak Public Library, Kodiak College Library and Anchorage Municipal Library.

Oct 21 2014
Talk of the Rock: Kodiak Community Foundation
Tuesday, 21 October 2014

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           On today's edition of Talk of the Rock, we'll hear from members of the Kodiak Community Foundation. Katie St. John, Steve Gray and Mike Wall will talk about what the foundation is, how it came to be and how you can get involved. 

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